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Announcing Allegro Trains Agent


Allegro AI, the deep learning, computer vision open-source company, officially welcomes Allegro Trains Agent to the Allegro Trains ecosystem. Trains Agent is a complementary solution joining the open-source solution suite with Allegro Trains, the automagical open-source AI experiment & version control manager, and Allegro Trains Server, the backend service infrastructure. With the release of Trains Agent, the open-source solution suite now provides a full AI cluster solution, with resource control and autoML capabilities, bridging the gap between data science and DevOps.

Allegro AI’s open-source Trains suite strives to empower data scientists, researchers and algorithm engineers to seamlessly run, track, reproduce and collaborate on successful machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) experiments. Some of the main challenges Trains Agent is built to streamline include:

Resource offloading
Personalized environments
Non-linear workflow
Exponential experimentation

Moses Guttman, CTO, had this to say about the new release, “We are proud to be taking part in the ongoing development of the AI community and love every question, request for a new feature and piece of feedback. Trains Agent is the outcome of a need we felt ourselves and saw echoing within the community.” He continues, “Trains Agent, coupled with the Allegro Trains and Trains Server, is the solution researchers seem to be searching for when handling machine learning and deep learning workflow processing.”

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