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Ambow Provides Updates to its AI-Assisted Solutions for K12 Education


Ambow Education Holding Ltd., a leading national provider of educational and career enhancement services in China, today provided updates to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted solutions for K12 education. With its strategic focus in AI technologies and related applications, the Company was chosen to present its suite of AI-assisted e-learning services and solutions to educational leaders and administrators at the International AI and Education Conference held in Beijing in May 2020.

Featuring a variety of adaptive and enhanced learning features including live streaming classroom, live chat tools, learning assessment management, question bank management and test generation, the Ambow Panorama Digital Teaching Engine (“Panorama Engine”) provides AI-assisted, module-based solutions, catering to different learning environments and teaching methodologies. In full activation, the Ambow Panorama Engine creates an immersive hybrid classroom model integrating cloud based multi-terminal with AI-enabled interaction. A striking feature of the Panorama Engine in action is its ability to create a next generation immersive classroom experience for students through real-time holographic imaging technology. With it, students online in-class learning is elevated through “face-to-face” interaction in 1:1 scale with their instructors.

Ambow Education is gaining wide recognition across the education industry thanks to its strategic focus on AI technology and applications to improve learning outcomes. The Company’s AI core algorithm, Computer-Aided Learning System and Methods with Adaptive Optimization, is pioneering these applications and the Company’s flagship “Bopo English” offering showcases the success of innovative AI applications in delivering heightened learning outcomes. In practice, the Hebi Foreign Language High School in Henan province was the first school to adopt the Bopo English offering as part of its English language instruction curriculum. By leveraging Ambow’s core algorithm during the recent five years, its student’s average scores are ranked first among local area schools, registering 9 to 13 points higher than the second-ranked school. For China’s College Entrance Examination in 2020, its admission rate to first-tier universities is 57.3%, three times higher than that of the entire province.

Dr. Jin Huang, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ambow, said, “AI is identified as key disruptor in the next-generation wave of digital transformation and the next industrial revolution. Ambow is dedicated to actively sharpening the integration of AI and education and fueling the reform in education through innovative applications of science and technology. As we look forward, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with academic institutions and high-tech enterprises and work to create innovative AI-enabled solutions that deliver value-enhanced results to students and educators alike across a wide spectrum of educational scenarios.”

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