Artificial Intelligence-real world applications Expands to 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services


Soon after its five-year company anniversary, leading receptionist and intake service announced today that its flagship Virtual Receptionists will operate phone services 24/7, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday.

The news comes on the heels of what have already been significant expansions by the company in 2020, including:

24/7 Live-staffed chat for business websites
24/7 Live-staffed Facebook messages
24/7 Live-staffed SMS text answering
A free and unlimited AI chatbot built for solo and small businesses
Chat-to-call-connect to turn informal web visitors into high-value calls with qualified leads
Instant email and SMS follow-up messages for post-call lead engagement

Staked on the importance of omnichannel responsiveness, has deliberately positioned itself apart from the pack, delivering not just basic call answering and message taking, but also addressing the critical need for businesses to deliver prompt, friendly responses online, on Facebook, and by text message. Further still, takes on much of the workload after the initial greeting: Their live agents, who are reinforced by powerful AI technology, screen new leads, schedule appointments, call back leads generated by web forms and content magnets, and help clients who call in with requests to make bill payments and other common tasks. offers these extended services because phone tag and delayed follow-up reduce the likelihood that new prospects will become paying customers. As client Matthew Grosso puts it, “Now we’re capturing at least twice as many leads as we would have previously, and their professionalism is astounding!” Client Jeremy Treister said, “ is my inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.”

“We’re proud to offer our top-rated Virtual Receptionist and Live Chat services every hour of the day,” said Aaron Lee, co-founder and CEO of “Thanks to a combination of our highly trained remote staff of service and sales professionals, our state-of-the-art AI, and our proprietary operations system, we didn’t skip a beat when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Instead, we doubled down.”

Justin Maxwell, co-founder and Chief Design Officer, continues, “What our businesses needed was more comprehensive services, around the clock, to handle what they couldn’t get to, as they juggle childcare, new work-from-home arrangements, and other business disruptions that consume their time and attention.”

“Business owners and sales team leaders operating within law firms, marketing agencies, SaaS/software companies, and the like, also rely on us to get work done on these calls. Leads and clients are calling far outside standard business hours these days, and when they call, they want answers — they want to move the ball forward, not just a friendly voice. We were already operating extended hours and completing real work during our calls on behalf of clients, so 24/7 service was the natural next move.”

“The bottom line,” says Aaron, “is there is no longer any reason for a business, large or small, to miss out on a single lead or keep a current client waiting. The most responsive businesses have the best reputations, but hiring is hard — especially now amidst this crisis. takes on the work of hiring and training the best receptionists, so business owners can focus on their operations.”

With 24/7 receptionists staffing businesses’ phones, websites, and messaging platforms either in place of or alongside in-house teams, helps businesses capture every lead, across every critical communication channel. clients can rest assured that precious leads and clients are handled expertly, every time. Says Justin, “We deliver peace of mind.”

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