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New SparkFun pHATs Expand the Capabilities of Single-Board Computers


SparkFun Electronics has announced the release of two new add-on boards – the SparkFun Top pHAT and SparkFun Auto pHAT – capable of working with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Google Coral, and any type of Raspberry Pi with a 2×20 GPIO header (including the new Raspberry Pi 4 version).

“While working with the newest development platforms on the market, we realized there weren’t many options available that made Machine Learning easily interactive, or raised robotics to the level these development systems demand,” said Kirk Benell, SparkFun’s Chief Technology Officer. “We knew that we had the means to create unique solutions that can help bring out the true capabilities of your new Pi, Jetson, or Coral. The results of this effort are the two boards we’re releasing today.”

The SparkFun Auto pHAT is a unique robotics peripheral with motor and servo control, as well as a built-in IMU (Internal Measurement Unit). The SparkFun Top pHAT attaches to the top of a stack with a full-color LCD, user-interface controls, a microphone and more, making it perfect for Machine Learning operations.

With releases planned for at least two more pHATs in 2020 alone, SparkFun hopes to establish a series of boards with specialized purposes that can best fit a defined use case.

“The main goal of SparkFun pHATs is to enable anyone to easily expand the capabilities of their single board computers – simply stack and build,” said SparkFun CEO Glenn Samala. “Whether prototyping a new product or working on an at-home project, the pHATs make your work more efficient and easy.”

SparkFun is currently shipping the Auto pHATS; Top pHATs are live for preorder and will start shipping in May.

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