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The Telos Foundation Welcomes Unbiased, a Data Marketplace Designed to Combat Bias in AI


The artificial intelligence community has a problem; their data sources are riddled with bias.

“We live in the era of AI, and data requirements are increasing rapidly. AI & Machine Learning have the potential to shape industries like Healthcare, Mobility, Insurance, etc. Because of this, there is a significant rise in concerns about the ethical implications of AI and inherent bias, as these applications are used in life-threatening scenarios,” said Sukesh Kumar Tedla, Unbiased founder and CEO. “We decided to build a transparent platform that ethically meets the data needs of the AI industry to address what we see as the AI industry’s current shortcomings.”

Unbiased has been designed to be privacy-focused, transparent, and easy to use. Their first offering, the Data Marketplace, offers a comprehensive solution made up of three distinct layers:

Data Collection: The Unbiased platform offers a range of real-time data collection services for text, image, audio, and video. The power of crowd-sourcing, user rewards, and transparency are leveraged to populate the data sets.

Data Annotation & Labeling: This service helps researchers and enterprises create structured and clean data. The platform supports different types of annotation and labeling projects, allowing for numerous use-cases.

Data Sharing: The Unbiased platform allows users to share their data in exchange for an incentive. The whole process is transparent and can be audited on the Telos blockchain.

Founded in late 2018, Unbiased is currently a seed-stage, pre-revenue startup looking for venture capital.

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