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Testim Is First to Expand AI-based Testing to Developers


Testim, the pioneer of codeless AI-based software testing in 2014, disrupts the industry once more with the announcement of the Testim Development Kit, a new way for developers to quickly create resilient tests directly in code. For the first time, developers can enjoy the benefits of AI-based testing while leveraging their preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Microsoft, Autodesk, Swisscom, LogMeIn, and others run millions of tests using Testim every month. Now, the Development Kit builds on Testim’s proven AI-based testing capabilities, providing super-fast authoring of trusted, non-flaky tests. Testim’s AI inspects the elements of the application and continuously learns from and improves the robustness of tests.

Testim’s open approach to testing lets developers and QA engineers write tests their way, in their tools and processes, so they can collaborate freely. Unlike other codeless test automation tools, developers can download their tests as code, eliminating vendor lock-in.

“The Dev Kit is a key element of our commitment to deliver a compromise-free solution for developers,” said Oren Rubin, founder and CEO of Testim. “The Dev Kit builds on our commitment to make testing more collaborative and open as possible so that teams can deliver quality software faster. Customer feedback has already been exceptional and we’re eager to deliver this Dev Kit to market.”

Why the Testim Development Kit is so Important

Modern development teams are beginning to orient workflows around the concept of ‘everything-as-code,’ or the alignment of every part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) around code or code-like systems. Built with the SDLC in mind, the Testim Development Kit ensures that existing Testim capabilities, like recorded UI interactions, PDF or email validations, as well as new features will be available as API commands. This makes it possible for developers to create and edit robust coded tests and manage them in their version control system next to their application code.

“One of the things that we love about Testim is that they continue to deliver new innovations to help improve our testing experience,” said Ran Mizrachi, senior software engineering lead at Microsoft. “The Dev Kit will give our team the speed and stability of AI-based codeless tests with the flexibility of code.”

Part of the movement toward ‘everything-as-code’ is the emergence of ‘shift-left testing,’ where increasingly, testing is done much earlier in the development lifecycle. For tech teams that are shifting left, the Testim Development Kit gives QA automation engineers an opportunity to better align tests and QA processes with development workflows.

“The addition of the Development Kit makes Testim the only company to provide developers and QA automation engineers with the complete freedom to work the way they want—in code, in the UI, or some combination of the two,” said Shawn Jaques, director of Product Marketing. “The flexibility this new feature provides has the potential to transform the way development teams test applications, allowing more people to be involved in testing, whether recording codeless tests or writing tests as code in the tools they already know and love.”

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