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Sonasoft Completes Acquisition of Artificial AI Company, OPtimAIze, Inc.


Sonasoft Corp. (OTCQB: SSFT), a leader in innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and data management solutions, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of OPtimAIze, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence software company that focuses on AI solutions for software product engineering teams.

Sonasoft now has the solution to establish itself as a leading provider of AI for software product development. According to the analysts at Statista that the enterprise software market alone had a global market size of over $457 billion in 2019. IDC also forecasted that worldwide spending on artificial intelligence (AI) will reach $776 billion by 2022. Sonasoft is well-positioned to gain significant market share in a large existing market that is poised to accelerate with an anticipated adoption of AI. The Company also intends to integrate OPtimAIze’s platform into Sonasoft’s existing AI platform, NuGene.

OPtimAIze’s AI platform has unique capabilities that automatically identify and manage risk associated with developing and releasing software updates to an existing software product or platform. Sometimes these updates adversely impact the product’s functionality, which in turn negatively impact customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Managing these risks and determining how these updates interact with the product as a whole is a big challenge. Most software development teams are limited to narrow knowledge domains that can miss compatibility problems that can negatively affect users.

To counter these challenges, OPtimAIze developed an AI platform that has an exclusive data-driven process that automatically identifies and predicts the risk of compatibility conflicts early in the software development process. As a result, software engineering teams can be confident that their final releases and fixes will function as intended.

“To advance our AI platform to specifically hone in on solutions for software product development, capitalizes on a significant emerging market opportunity,” said Vikas Agrawal, Sonasoft’s Chief Innovation Officer and founder of OPtimAIze. “Through our AI-enhanced automation, we can now solve a problem that regularly tests the trust and confidence of information technology users with their technology providers. Our AI platform is built on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, which provide unprecedented visibility into potential compatibility problems of a software release well before it goes live. This is an area where AI will favorably impact the experience of virtually all technology users while reducing the software industry’s direct and indirect costs of maintaining their products. In the last six months, we’ve come a long way since our initial efforts to develop AI solutions for IT infrastructure and operations to expand into the field of AI for software development.”

“Sonasoft has now acquired three AI companies this year with the acquisition of OPtimAIze, well ahead of even our most optimistic expansion scenario,” said Frank Velasquez, CEO of Sonasoft. “Those who have ever updated their software and found that key components were no longer working properly, understand the value proposition that our new technology will bring. As software becomes more complex and cybersecurity risks are ever-increasing, the software industry needs to take more proactive software update quality assurance measures to maintain functionality, security, and customer satisfaction. Through this acquisition, Sonasoft is poised to be a leading provider of the solutions that enable them to do that.”

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