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Datatron Releases New Governance Dashboard


Datatron, a pioneer in AI ModelOps and governance at scale, today announced the immediate availability of the Datatron Governance Dashboard, an adaptive, performance-based artificial intelligence (AI) governance solution. This new offering provides AI and machine learning (ML) model transparency risk management to comply with regulations while optimizing business outcomes. Because many ML initiatives work in isolation from each other and don’t directly support—or can even hinder—a company’s broader business, regulatory, and privacy objectives, the Datatron Governance Dashboard provides model traceability and confidence in AI applications. The dashboard provides analytic leaders, business stakeholders, and data scientists a birds-eye, multi-level view of how their models perform in production via the smart visualization of key metrics.

“Just as cyberattacks can be devastating to companies, so can poorly governed AI models,” said Datatron Board Member Rachel Moore Weller. “Datatron is solving this problem by democratizing AI governance, establishing trust and transparency, and mitigating risks and fines.”

Technologies like ML and deep learning (DL) are becoming critically important for organizations looking to increase revenue and competitive advantage. However, along with these new technologies came new government guidelines and regulatory approaches because AI/ML models can pose risks to privacy, brand reputation, autonomy, and growth. Models must be carefully managed and appropriately governed, especially since further AI/ML adoption and acceptance depend on trust, transparency, and validation. The new Datatron Governance Dashboard not only facilitates compliance with audits and regulations, it delivers consistent and easy-to-understand risk assessment and management analysis that should be the foundation of any AI/ML program.

According to a recent blog by William McKnight, a leading analyst and the president of McKnight Consulting Group, “ML is delivering greater levels of insight from data than traditional approaches and the rewards will be greatest for those who can trust and have transparency in the models.”

The Datatron Governance Dashboard helps organizations reap the benefits of bringing trust and transparency to AI applications by providing the ability to:

Improve productivity through automation and standardization of ML operations, such as deployment, management, monitoring, and validation.
Drill down from high-level governance and risk metrics to root-cause analysis.
Provide auditing and traceability of anomalies, bias, data drift, model drift, and performance, as AI models change over time.
Configure and monitor their own governance metrics as targets.
Establish a centralized model catalog that provides lineage.
Facilitate compliance with regulations.
Adopt a test-and-learn mindset to improve outcomes, and assure continued delivery of value over time.

“We consistently hear from prospects about poor model performance and a serious lack of trust in predictions from AI applications,” said Harish Doddi, Datatron CEO. “The ability of large companies to operationalize and govern their AI/ML models has far exceeded their infrastructure and the bandwidth of their engineering and data science teams. We established Datatron to operationalize and govern AI model management at scale. Leveraging the new Datatron Governance Dashboard, organizations can monitor deployments, detect problems early, and increase the efficiency of managing multiple models at scale in order to maintain compliance and growth.”

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About Datatron
Founded in 2016, Datatron’s centralized AI ModelOps and Model Governance platform helps organizations unlock the value of their machine learning and artificial intelligence investments. With Datatron, customers can harness the power of AI and ML by automating and standardizing the deployment, monitoring, management, governance, and validation of all AI models developed in any environment. Industry leaders such as Domino’s Pizza and Comcast leverage Datatron to operationalize and govern AI solutions at scale, producing predictable and reliable business outcomes. Datatron is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit or follow them @getdatatron.

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