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Creatio Presents a New AI-Powered Contact Center Product Suite


Creatio, a global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced the release of a new solution on its marketplace called Contact Center Product Suite for Creatio.

The product is developed by Creatio’s partner, Velvetech. This advanced solution for setting up an inbound or outbound call center with AI-based agent scoring and call analytics lets businesses connect with their customers via phone calls, emails, text messaging, social networks, and beyond. Contact Center Product Suite helps users make data-driven decisions and improve call center performance thanks to AI-based agent QA with Call Analytics and Voice-to-Text transcription, instant access to custom-set dashboards and reports.

It seamlessly integrates with Creatio and allows to make maximum use of the data generated by a front desk and call center to power up customer communications. The solution is meant to take sales, customer engagement, and customer service experience to a new level: From optimizing onboarding for new agents to spotting the areas for improving employees’ performance to optimizing approaches thanks to in-depth call analytics.

“A Contact Center with AI-Powered Call Analytics is making every company’s dream come true,” said Yuri Yushkov, CEO of Velvetech. “Imagine a world where each customer is dealing with your top-performing salesperson. Is this just a dream or reality? We’ve already seen this technology transform the insurance business for one of our partners, where they experienced a 52 percent lift in customer conversion rates. And we can’t wait to see what other forward-thinking companies will do with our solution, powered by one of the best-in-class low-code platform for process management and CRM — Creatio,” said Yuri Yushkov, CEO of Velvetech.

Contact Center Product Suite seamlessly integrates with Creatio and provides users with the following features and capabilities.

1. VELVETEL Cloud Phone System that includes:
• Nationwide calling and SMS texting service • Support for Soft- and Desktop phones
• Call Reporting and Dashboarding

2. Softphone for iOS Mobile Devices (coming soon):
• Phone Contact Book integration
• Call history • Dial Pad with integration to calling over SIP and/or GSM
• Voice Messages
• SMS Chat Messages
• Access to call recordings and call transcripts
• Video Confereces
• Email follow-ups and scheduling follow-up calls
• Data capture for call disposition, call notes and results
• SMS notifications to customers in case their calls have been missed with a promise that an agent will call back

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