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Stardust Releases AI-Powered, In-App Recommendations and Polls Feature


Stardust, the leading social app for fans to follow and discuss their favorite movies and TV shows, announced “Weekly Recs,” a new recommendation flow, and an interactive Polls feature for their users worldwide. The recommendation integration provides a streamlined, GDPR compliant solution to improve customer experiences through a new platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This creates a customized set of movie and TV recommendations for each user based on their previous interests, ratings, and other interactions within the app. The two-question Polls feature provides Stardust users with a new way to express themselves and interact with their fellow movie and TV-lovers.

Users can now sign into the app and experience a seamless interface that provides them with more custom content aligning with their preferences, including curated news and media reviews, as well as community videos, comments, and ratings. Users also can attract attention to their profile and grow their following by creating and posting engaging polls that appear in the home feed to their followers and those who follow a movie or show mentioned in the Poll. With this new feature, users can ask their communities to vote on opinions like who played the best Joker, which 80’s classic is funnier, or which new movie they should watch tonight.

“The online journey starts with a question, and online reviews are one of the first places people turn to for answers when deciding whether or not to interact with products and experiences — film and television engagement is no different,” said Derek Forbes, CEO of Stardust. “Audiences spend five hours a day on average watching content. It has never been more paramount to the industry to provide a place where audiences can rate, discuss and review programming across various genres. Stardust has become that home, and we couldn’t be more excited for our users to experience our new upgraded platform to find what they are looking for more efficiently.”

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