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Cheetah Mobile Provides Updates on Google Collaboration


Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM) (“Cheetah Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading mobile internet company with global market coverage, today announced that it has been informed by Google that the Company’s Google Play Store, Google AdMob and Google AdManager accounts have been disabled on February 20, 2020, and the associated contracts will be terminated.

Pending the restoration of Google collaboration, the Company expects its ability to attract new users and generate revenue from Google may be materially adversely affected from February 2020. In the first nine months of 2019, Cheetah Mobile generated 22.6% of its total revenues from Google, including revenues from the mobile advertising business and revenues from the purchase and consumption of virtual items by users via Google as a channel.

According to Google, the decision was made because some of the Company’s apps had not been compliant with Google policies, resulting in certain invalid traffic. The Company is in continuous communication with Google to appeal the decision, clarify any misunderstanding, and adopt any requisite remedial measures to restore the disabled accounts. However, the appealing process could be time-consuming, and the Company cannot guarantee that its appeals will be successful.

Cheetah Mobile remains committed to upholding the high standards in the industry and complying with Google Play developer policies, GDPR, laws, and regulations. The Company’s priority has always been to protect the interests of its users and enhance the user experience.

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