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CallMiner Introduces AI-Enabled Emotion Solution


CallMiner, the leading provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics platform, Eureka, today announced its emotion detection and analysis solution for enhanced voice of the customer (VoC) insights.

The new Emotion Solution Suite enables organizations using CallMiner Eureka speech analytics to quickly and accurately understand, measure, and trend human emotion in interactions between contact center agents and customers. This applies to both after-call interaction analysis and real-time, next-best-action agent guidance.

What moves satisfaction and loyalty today is how customers feel about engaging with brands beyond the nuts and bolts of a transaction. As Forrester Research notes; “Emotion has a bigger impact on brand loyalty than effectiveness or ease in every industry.”1

Leveraging the power of emotional metrics across every conversation allows customer experience and customer service professionals to operationalize customer emotion and sentiment with more speed and accuracy than traditional methods such as intermittent surveys. Benefits of the Emotion Solution Suite include:

Richer Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of how your customers feel through a scale of emotions crossing different levels of positive or negative sentiment spanning emotion intensity. The result is much more insightful than a simple ‘likely to recommend’.
Emotional Accuracy: Industry-leading precision is achieved by leveraging a unique resource of conversational data applied for machine-learned emotional meaning.

Context Empowered – Conversational behaviors with sentiment markers account for meaning to understand root cause ignitors of emotional ‘moments of truth’.

“Human to human interactions embody more emotional resonance than any form of digital communication”, said Rick Britt, vice president of artificial intelligence (AI) at CallMiner. “Our enhanced AI-enabled emotional techniques enable CallMiner customers to identify and measure emotional beacons within contact center conversations. This provides the ability to optimize customer engagement and loyalty with compelling conversational AI confidence.”

The new Emotion Solution Suite adds graphical icons to focus attention on emotional conversation markers within real-time alerts or post-call analytics. As with all aspects of the CallMiner Eureka platform, it spans channel technology barriers by consolidating voice and text-based interactions in a single interface with support for punctuation and emoji-implied sentiment. Unlike other emotional AI, self-service modifications to machined-learned categories and scoring makes it easy for user administrators to customize CallMiner speech analytics for accuracy that’s tuned for specific customer engagement profiles.

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